Our Next Event - Down and Dirty - Winter warmer DATE TO BE CONFIMED SOON

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We are hoping to announce our next event soon. DATE TO BE CONFIMED

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The Route

The Mud Run starts on Court Farm with a short run along an uneven gravel track where you will encounter ‘Rubble Mounds’ just to get you warmed up!

Heading into the woodlands you will start getting, ‘down & dirty’ very quickly, wading through boggy marsh land and mud, - hope you’ve tied your trainers well! Your balance skills will be tested over the smelly manure and only the most co-ordinated will come out smelling of roses! ‘Hay Mountain’ is next. Have you got the ‘GRIT’ to get to the top, and then negotiate your way back down the other side?! After conquering the mountain you get to show off both your best Army Commando Crawl, and belly slide in the narrow muddy trenches, make sure you stay low enough not to get caught on the barbed wire above you!

Embrace the chance to catch your breath as you go along the canal tow path and a short run on the road to the muddy forest.

The muddy forest will need all your concentration and co-ordination to stay upright, as you tackle lots of mud and hills. Oh, and the odd little ‘Surprise’ just to keep you on your toes!

Back at Court Farm you will be coming to the end of your adventure……. Or so you may think! –don’t think for one second you breezed this. You still have the mud pits (yes more mud), scramble nets, tyres and walls to overcome then the dreaded ‘swamp lake' to cross before getting anywhere near the finish line where your friends and family will be waiting to cross the line with you, remembering to smile for the camera!

Be sure to help your fellow runners, you never know when you will need a helping hand yourself.

Have you got the GRIT to complete the 10k Down and Dirty?

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